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bodhrán-info is in full operation despite the difficulties the current pandemic brings. Delivery might be a bit slower, but still works for most countries. However, we are told by DHL that we are not able to deliver to some countries at the moment. Since the situation is very dynamic, please check here for the latest updates from DHL.

About our shop

Welcome to the bodhran-info shop. Here you will find bodhráns and all the accessories you need. Please look around. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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A few words about our products


Bodhran-info is a Hedwitschak Premium Partner. The Hedwitschak Premium Partners are closely integrated in all development processes at Hedwitschak drums. They support the development of new drum and tipper models, and the further development of existing products through their vast experience and their innovative approach. The Hedwitschak Premium Partners are Rolf Wagels and Stephan Moises.

Online Shop
All bodhráns in our shop are made by Christian Hedwitschak. He made his way to the top of the Champions League in the last few years  and his drums are in high demand by top class players all over the world.
It's with him that I developed a Signature Line model with a smooth tool-less compressor tuning system and a special treated skin (Lambegskin from the North of Ireland), which has been my favourite drum for the last couple of years: The Rolf Wagels Edition or RWE.
Christian Hedwitschak does not build drums only for the high end sector. He also provides a drum line for upcoming professionals with a smaller budget: the CoreLine starting at 240€!

Tippers, Brushes, Split Tippers and Hotrods
Most of the tippers and hotrods we carry are made by Stevie Moises, with some models, like the RWE snakewood tipper and the RWE MoGrip hotrods, created especially for us. We also have a great collection of special effect tippers, like brushes and split tippers, which are unique in their sound. Make sure you watch the video on the Brush/Split-tipper page for a good impression of the different sounds.

Bags, Accessories and Learning Material
Bags are available in two different versions in accessories. along with learning material, including books and a DVD.

What customers think about us:

Shopbewertung -

Our showroom stocks all the Christian Hedwitschak drums and Stevie Moises tippers available. All the accessories you find in the online shop are also available in the showroom. You are welcome to test any and all models before purchase. I also offer individual advice, based on my experience over the years.Here are some pictures of the showroom, please click to enlarge:

A few drums
A few drums
CoreLines, RWEs, MOS and MON
CoreLines and RWEs
MOS, MON, CL black
Tippers and cases
ChangeHED skins
ChangeHED skins
Tutorials and stands

You can pay by card in our showroom, the following payment systems are supported:

Mastercard Alternate
American Express

The showroom is located in 31311 Svhwüblingsen (Uetze) near Hannover, Germany. See map for details. Please get in touch before you come, by appointment only!

*for delivery within Germany, information in business days. Delivery times and information about delivery times calculation to other countries, please see here.

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